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  • Donate Unused Respirator Masks 

    Due to the COVID-19 outbreak respirator masks are in high demand by healthcare workers. In order for doctors and nurses to take care of patients suffering from COVID-19 they also have to be able to protect themselves. Companies have not been able to produce the number of respirator masks that healthcare workers are going to need in the upcoming months.

    Donating your unused respirator mask can be a big help in the fight against Coronavirus.

    Feel free to drop off you unused respirator masks off at the Edison Chamber of Commerce and they will be deliver to our local hospitals!

  • Offer Services To The Elderly 

    The elderly are more prone to suffering from the harsher side effects of COVID-19. This has resulted in many of the elderly staying in their homes to avoid contracting the virus. 

    • Offer to go grocery shopping for them 
    • Donate any unused toiletries 
    • Offer to run errands for them
  • Support Local Restaurants 

    Due to COVID-19 many restaurants are suffering because they can no longer allow customers to dine-in and cannot stay open after 8 PM.

    This does not mean they still cannot serve you. Many restaurants are still open and are offering take-out and delivery. For those who do not deliver are available on third party delivery services like GrubHub, UberEats, and Doordash.

    Here is a list of open restaurants in Edison.

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