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    The Edison Chamber of Commerce is a network of businesses in the greater Edison Township area working together to promote economic growth and success for our members and our community. We support small businesses, non-profits and large corporations, ranging from the local mom and pop restaurant to some of the largest import/ export organizations in the world. Come join the Edison Chamber today to see how we can work together to build your network, market your business and make your dream a success.

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    Check out all our events for the season! We hold three regular networking events, plus dozens of larger events every year to help your business succeed and grow.
    Call (732) 738-9482 or email to learn how to host a networking event!

  • About Us!

    We are the service organization for the business community of Edison Township that...

    assists new existing and diverse, members in growing their businesses. Serve as a catalyst and advocate for the economic success of our members while also promoting a vibrant and thriving business community to helo our members prosper. Lastly here at the chambers, we try to partners with our community as much as we can in support of civic, social, and cultural issues. 


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  • Host a Networking Event

    You can host 25-50 Chamber members at your business for a networking event.  Early morning, lunch time or evenings to accomodate your schedule.

    Call (732) 738-9482 or email to learn more.

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  • Join the Edison Chamber

    We're your passport to business success in the greater Edison area.  Com join our hundreds of business members for great networking, marketing and research opportunities that will help you grow your business.  Your business is our business. Apply today.

  • 2017 Board of Directors
  • Meet The Board

    Meet our board of directors.  These volunteers from some of the most vibrant and innovative businesses in Edison make all our member benefits possible.

    Click to learn more about our board, and contact us if you are interested in joining.

  • Executive Circle Members


    These companies are major supporters of the Edison Chamber of Commerce, and contribute significantly to the economic health and vitality of the Greater Edison area. 


    To learn more about becoming a member of the Executive Circle, call us at 732-738-9482 or email admin@edisonchamber.com.