• NJ 2020 COVID-19 Executive Orders 

    Executive Order 155 - 6/18/2020

    Allows Limited In-Person Instruction at Institutions of Higher Education and Trade and Training Schools Beginning July 1

    Executive Order 154 - 6/13/2020

    Allows Personal Care Service Facilities to Open Effective June 22

    Executive Order 153 - 6/9/2020

     Opening of Pools Effective June 22, and Opening Additional Outdoor Recreational Businesses

    Executive Order 152 - 6/9/2020

    Lifts Limits on Indoor and Outdoor Gatherings

    Executive Order 151 - 6/4/2020

    Extends Public Health Emergency in New Jersey

    Executive Order 150 - 6/3/2020

    Outdoor Dining Protocols and Process to Expand Premises for Liquor License Holders

    Executive Order 149 - 5/30/2020

    Allows Resumption of Child Care Services, Youth Day Camps, and Organized Sports Over the Coming Weeks

    Executive Order 148 - 5/22/2020

    Increases Capacity Limit on Outdoor Gatherings

    Executive Order 147 - 5/18/2020

    Reopening of Certain Businesses and Other Public Spaces

    Executive Order 146 - 5/16/2020

    Reopening of Charter Fishing and Watercraft Rental Businesses

    Executive Order 145 - 5/15/2020

     Allows Elective Surgeries and Invasive Procedures to Resume on May 26

    Executive Order 144 - 5/15/2020

    Protects Public Health by Mailing Every Registered Voter a VBM Ballot or Application Ahead of the Primary Election

    Executive Order 143 - 5/14/2020

    Allows Beaches, Boardwalks, Lakes, and Lakeshores to Remain Open with Social Distancing Measures in Place

    Executive Order 142 - 5/13/2020 

    Permits Resumption of Non-Essential Construction, Curbside Pickup at Non-Essential Retail Businesses, and Gatherings in Cars

    Executive Order 141 - 5/12/2020

    Mandates that all local, county, and regional health departments use the CommCare platform to support their contact tracing efforts.

    Executive order 140 - 5/8/2020

    Establishes Restart and Recovery Advisory Council

    Executive Order 138 - 5/6/2020

     Extends Public Health Emergency in New Jersey

    Executive Order 137 - 5/4/2020

    Recognizes New Fiscal Realities Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

    Executive Order 136 - 5/2/2020

    Extends Statutory Deadlines for Various Environmental Laws

    Executive Order 135 - 5/1/2020

    Suspends in-person requirements for receipt of a marriage license and marriage ceremonies, and for the receipt of working papers for minors.

    Executive Order 134 - 4/30/2020

    U.S. and New Jersey Flags to Fly at Half-Staff in Honor of Former First Lady Debby Kean

    Executive Order 133 - 4/29/2020

     Reopening of State Parks and Golf Courses

    Executive Order 132 - 4/29/2020

    Allows Electronic Petition Submission and Signature Collection for Initiatives and Referenda

    Executive Order 131 - 4/28/2020

     Creates a commission charged with advising the administration on the timing and preparation for New Jersey’s recovery from the COVID-19 shutdown.

    Executive Order 130 - 4/28/2020

    Allows Municipalities to Extend Grace Period for May 1st Property Tax Payments until June 1st

    Executive Order 129 - 4/27/2020

    Extends Retired Officer Carry Permits by a period of 90 days until after the ongoing Public Health Emergency ends.

    Executive Order 128 - 4/24/2020

    Provides Critical Short-Term Support for Renters

    Executive Order 127 - 4/14/2020

    Extends Certain Deadlines Associated with rule making

    Executive Order 126 - 4/13/2020

    Prohibits Cable and Telecommunications Providers from Terminating Internet and Voice Service

    Executive Order 125 - 4/11/2020

    Implements Additional Mitigation Requirements on NJ TRANSIT, Private Carriers, and Restaurants to Limit the Spread of COVID-19

    Executive Order 124 - 4/10/2020

    Establishes a Process to Grant Temporary Reprieve to Certain At-Risk Inmates

    Executive Order 123 - 4/9/2020

    Extends Insurance Premium Grace Periods

    Executive Order 122 - 4/8/2020

    Order to Cease All Non-Essential Construction Projects and Imposes Additional Mitigation Requirements on Essential Retail Businesses and Industries to Limit the Spread of COVID-19

    Executive Order 121 - 4/8/2020

    Allows Greater Weight Limit for Vehicles Carrying COVID-19 Relief Supplies

    Executive Order 120 - 4/8/2020

    Postponement of June 2nd Primary Elections until July 7th

    Executive Order 119 - 4/7/2020

    Extending the Public Health Emergency in New Jersey

    Executive Order 118 - 4/7/2020

    Closes State and County Parks to Further Social Distancing

    Executive Order 117 - 4/7/2020

    Waives Student Assessment Requirements for 2019-2020 School Year

    Executive Order 116 - 4/7/2020

    Extends Statutory Deadlines for School Districts Whose Elections Were Moved from April to May

    Executive Order 115 - 4/4/2020

    Strengthens COVID-19 Response Efforts by Allowing Certain Retirees to Return to Public Employment

    Executive Order 114 - 4/3/2020

    Directs U.S. and New Jersey Flags to Fly at Half-Staff Indefinitely in Honor of Those Who Have Lost Their Lives or Have Been Affected by COVID-19

    Executive Order 113 - 4/2/2020

    Authorizes Commandeering of Property Such as Medical Supplies

    Executive Order 112 - 4/1/2020

    Removes Barriers to Health Care Professionals Joining New Jersey's COVID-19 Response and Provide Protections for Front Line Health Care Responders

    Executive Order 111 - 3/28/2020

    Directs Health Care Facilities to Report Data, Including PPE Inventory and Bed Capacity, On a Daily Basis

    Executive Order 110 - 3/25/20

    Requires Child Care Centers Close on April 1 Unless Serving Children of Essential Workers

    Executive Order 109 - 3/23/20

    Suspends All Elective Surgeries, Invasive Procedures to Preserve Essential Equipment and Hospital Capacity

    Executive Order 108  - 3/21/20

    Invalidates any county or municipal restriction that in any way will or might conflict with any of the provisions of Executive Order No. 107

    Executive Order 107 - 3/21/20

    Directs all residents to stay at home until further notice

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